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by Marla on April 2, 2010 · 22 comments

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Lost in LA

There is something about journeying up to LA and living in Orange County.  The City of Angels feels very far away.  The vibe up there is really different than down here.  The OC is very planned , newer and did not sprout from a huge city filled with history and diversity.  Its a bit simpler down here, not as congested, but also not as vibrant.

What makes LA feel even farther than it is?  TRAFFIC.  Usually lots of it.  When I pack the car to go up there its as if I am going on a cross country road trip.  I carefully go through my checklist. Coffee, check, full tank of gas, check, healthy snacks, check, too much gum in every flavor, check, face mist to keep me awake (yes I just say face mist), check, iPhone, check, coins for parking meters, check, sweaters & jackets, check, a sense of direction……uncheck. I have absolutely no sense of direction.  Never have & I’ve reconciled I never will.  You could turn me around in my own house and I could get lost.  No my house is not very big at all.

Graffiti at Los Angeles Gallery

Getting lost going to downtown LA means blowing by exits, wasting time and nearly getting killed by other drivers. These people know where they are going (or seem to know.) They blow by at warp speeds, centimeters from your car at 100 miles an hour.  Exits are on the left, right and everywhere in between.

Food Blog Forum

Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the first Food Blog Forum event.  Staged in a über cool gallery somewhere in downtown LA.

As soon as I saw the Twitter ticker announcing that Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen and Diane Cu of White on Rice Couple were holding a seminar I signed up without hesitation.  That tweet was like fireworks going off in palm of my hand.

Not only was I thrilled that the Forum was in neighboring LA county (even though I was packed for an international trip.)  It also meant a hall pass to leave the house early on a Saturday morning and put daddy in charge of the kiddos.  Nice & easy!

Other than taking a few wrong turns.  I made it to my destination A-OK!

There is something really neat about walking into a room and no longer being the newbie.  Its OK to be the new kid on the block, but also kinda distracting.  You have to go through all the formalities of introducing yourself.  You aren’t sure who everyone is, if you are saying the right stuff or if people are even gonna like you.  Even though I am a super secure kind of gal, it is still not the best feeling to walk into a room of the “unknown.”  Last October I was the newbie at BlogHer Food. At the Food Blog Forum not so much.  I knew the blogs & a lot of the bloggers.  Met some new friends too.  The neat thing was we all had lots in common.

Top Food Bloggers

Positive Energy & Good Times!

Whats not to love about a Forum designed around Food, Creativity, Success and Great Energy?

It was the land of opportunity at the Forum.  Smiles were everywhere, it was if we were school kids giggling & sharing stories without a care in the world.  Members of the blog world were united to learn together.  We are the New Frontier and we were blazing trails!

Throughout the event notes were being scribbled, tweets were flying & paper airplanes were zipping overhead. (OK, not the paper airplanes.) Everyone was giddy with excitement.

With eager eyes and ears, we watched as presentations were given (by the rockstars of the biz) in food photography, food styling, branding, content, SEO and all the other nitty gritty that goes into publishing a top dog food blog.  I will direct you to the relevant websites to get details on the presenters and topics that were discussed.  And no, you will not get lost along the way!

LA Art Gallery

Links from the Event

If you check out the following links you will learn loads and take in some great eye candy along the way!

Steamy Kitchen


White on Rice Couple

Relevant Trafik

KCRW: Good Food

Food Blog Forum

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