How to Pack a Quick and Healthy Lunchbox

by Marla on May 17, 2010 · 27 comments

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Healthy lunch box One of the biggest reasons I started Family Fresh Cooking was to answer the loads of inquiries I had all the time regarding my daily lunchbox specials.  I make 3 boxed lunches per day.  One for me and one for each of my kids =3.  The ingredients may vary from box to box, but the essentials are all there.  Fresh fruit, veggies, lean proteins, whole grains and healthy fats fill our lunch boxes.  Sometimes I include leftovers from the night before, other times I toss in a sandwich or in this case a wrap.

No matter what, the meals have been made in our kitchen with the best possible ingredients I can find.  Crafting your own lunches from scratch is quick and simple when you have your ingredients prepped and at the ready.  It’s just grab and go when everything is staged and lookin’ all pretty your fridge.

When you pack a lunchbox the benefits are huge. Not only do you save money, you can control portion sizes and use much higher quality ingredients than if you were to purchase take out food.  I will share a simple wrap that you can make for yourself or your kids.  It is very tasty and can be prepared in a pinch.

Smoked Turkey and Roast Pepper Wrap

Ingredients per wrap

This quick wrap is filled with veggies, whole grains, lean protein and healthy fat.  It will keep you satisfied long after you enjoy it.

  • Source Organic ingredients when available.
  • Shop for ingredients at the Family Fresh Cooking Amazon Store
  • My recipes serve as inspiration. Feel free to experiment with ingredients you have on hand. No stress. Just good, clean eats!


  • Lean Protein:  A few slices of your favorite Nitrate Free Deli Meat.  I used Trader Joe’s Smoked Turkey Breast.
  • Healthy Fat:  Your favorite hummus or a slice of cheese
  • Whole Grains:  I love the super thin and tasty Mountain Bread wrappers. Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Tortillas are another favorite.
  • Veggies:  I used Swiss Chard and jarred Roasted Red Peppers in these wraps.  You can use lettuce, baby spinach or any of your favorite veggies.


  1. Grab your wrap.
  2. Smear on some hummus or place your cheese on top of wrapper.
  3. About 1 inch away from the edge of wrapper, layer on your deli meat and veggies.
  4. Roll it all up & place a toothpick every 1 1/2 inches.
  5. Slice in between toothpicks with a sharp knife.
  6. Enjoy at work, at play or at school!

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What are your favorite ingredients to put into a wrap?

Do you have a favorite wrapper to share with us?  How about a great spread?

Wrap sandwich, carrots, strawberries and blackberries

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