Happy First Birthday Family Fresh Cooking!

by Marla on June 25, 2010 · 45 comments

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Marla Meridith holding Family Fresh Cooking Cake

One Year Ago

I cannot believe it is my blog’s first birthday!!  Also my hubs 40th b’day today!  A whole year has gone by and I have learned and grown so much.  40 years of life experiences for Mr. Fresh, but that is another post.  I will never forget the first time I hit the Publish button Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie (in the beginning of Summer none the less.)  I started this blog as a fun way to inspire and share creative, healthy recipes.

People kept asking me everywhere I went how I stay fit and what sort of food I ate.  They wanted to learn about the foods I feed my family.  We are not “take-out” types.  I make home cooked meals every chance I get.  Thankfully, I have many methods that keep me in the kitchen as little as possible.  I try to keep bellies fed and smiles on faces (sometimes that is not so easy with a 3 and 6 year old!)

Happy birthday girl with tiara and workout clothes

Fitness & Health

As you guys know I am really into fitness for myself and my family.  I encourage people to eat healthy, high energy foods that make us look and feel fabulous. The goal is to get our kids starting healthy habits early so they have a lifetime of good taste and great health!  Fitness for all.

Kids with dad on hike

Creativity & Being a Mom

When I first had my kids I felt trapped into the full time mom world.  I needed something more than laundry, cleaning and circumventing tantrums.  Now I feel liberated.  Being creative is a part of me that I cannot leave behind.  I thought I could, but I cannot.  I am a better mom & wife when I have my own thing going on.

I love challenges and I take them on with gusto.  Being a mom and launching into my full time blogging career have offered me countless rewards.  My whole family helps keep Family Fresh Cooking ticking.  My hubs is my behind the scenes technical genius.  My kids provide constant “reviews” of my cooking and all the love, hugs, kisses and distractions one gal could need.


My photos started on my iPhone.  Yesiree….they were blurry, not so styled and very amateur.  I come from  a professional graphic & textile design background.  I want and love things to look their best.  It took a few months for me to swap over to my DSLR, but of course the photos improved by leaps and bounds!

I learn loads each day through studying the best photographers and stylists the biz.  I take workshops and seminars when they are convenient and I have a few dollars at hand.  This weekend I will head to Boulder, CO to participate in the Food and Light Photography Workshop taught by Jen Yu – Use Real Butter Diane and Todd – White on Rice Couple and Helen Dujardin – Tartlette. Sometimes I have to practice patience with myself.  I expect to learn quickly and sometimes it takes some time for things to sink in.

Life is about challenges and how we over come then.  I jump in with both feet.

Collection of recipe photos

Writing & Recipe Development

Along with the photography & food styling comes the job  of writing about food.  Creating recipes that other folks will understand and love to eat.  When it comes to food, I have an innate sensibility for high-charged flavor combinations.  Yes, I would love to go to culinary school someday, but that is not happening any time soon!  I maintain a focus on balance, simplicity and healthy whole food ingredients.  When I keep my mission and angle, everything comes together quite simply.  I am reading the Dianne Jacob  book Will Write for Foodand Barbara Gibbs Ostmann’s book The Recipe Writer’s Handbook.  They are very helpful for any level of writer.

There is a lot to know and I HIGHLY respect those that do it right….the professionals in the biz.

Friends & Social Life

Prior to launching I did most of my e-mailing from my phone and hardly looked at my computer.  These days I not only have a vibrant “real time” social life around the OC, but I have loads of new friends that cross oceans, states and continents.  It is so fun to know that I can talk to anyone at anytime.  People that have similar interests and a passion for life!  From commenting back and forth on my blog, reading & commenting on other blogs alongside Twitter, Facebook & StumbleUpon……my days are kept very busy!!

Giving Back

How could I do a Birthday post and not give back to you my awesome friends and dedicated readers!  I have a great giveaway that awaits filled with all sorts of goodies I have talked about throughout the year.  Please stop my First Birthday Giveaway Page to enter to win a Family Fresh Cooking gift basket of goodies!

*This giveaway has now closed.  The winner is listed on the giveaway link above.  Check back soon for more fun stuff coming your way.*

giveaway graphic-Family Fresh Cooking

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