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by Marla on July 9, 2010 · 27 comments

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Rembrandt Art gallery Downtown Boulder

You know when you have experiences that are vibrant and life-changing? The ones that push you in directions that you never thought possible. Events that that give you a subtle nod that you are traveling in the right direction? Something very magical happened last week. That would be my trip to Boulder, CO for the Food and Light photography workshop.

There are many benefits to being a kid, the biggest one being that “work” for a kid is found in all forms of play. They learn to use their hands with Play-Doh, Lego and Crayola’s. They learn basic math by counting macaroni noodles or bright colored objects floating in a bath tub.

Colorado art gallery with Georgia O'Keefe quote

Somewhere along the way learning and play magically disappear from some people’s lives as they become adults. Let me tell you this: Each year I age I get wiser but my goal is to always stay a kid. I want to feel youthful, look youthful and never stop learning and discovering.

The nice thing about being an adult is that we can make our own choices. Sure we have many commitments that keep us from acting out all our whims, but sometimes we can make decisions that will impact our lives profoundly. Choices we HAVE to make happen. My choice was to attend this workshop.

Mountains and stores on Pearl Street, Boulder, CO

I hiked those mountains, stayed in the historic Hotel Boulderado, attended workshop lessons, shopped for new props, did yoga class at One Boulder Fitness, made new friends and re-connected with folks I have known.  It is amazing what you can pack into 2 days!

As soon as I saw the Tweet a few months back about a few days in Boulder learning photography and food styling skills from some of the best in the biz I knew I needed to go. As you all know my favorite place in the world is Telluride. The mountains, air and lifestyle call to me from wherever I am.

In this case I was beckoned not only by beautiful Colorado but by the fact that some very seasoned, highly creative food bloggers/photographers/stylists were offering a workshop. Our instructors were Jen Yu from Use Real Butter, Diane and Todd from White On Rice Couple, and Helen from Tartelette.

Downtown Boulder, CO art gallery seminar Jen lives local to the area & she expertly made sure that all of our needs were met leading up to and while we were at the event. The most important was making sure our coffee needs were tended to. And they were! I must have stopped at Atlas Purveyors 3 times a day and my bill was magically “paid.” Thanks for that perk my friend.

Food and Light photography workshop dessert photos Each instructor brought their unique style to their presentations and teaching technique. A great part of the two day workshop was spent with hands on food styling and photography sessions. It was neat to learn concepts and then head into our naturally lit studio to shoot beautiful pastries and other goodies.

Vanilla and Chocolate cupcakes and fruit tarts

Part of our hands on learning each day was to photograph our lunches. I enjoyed both of my lunches with Ann-Marie from This Mama Cooks. We spent time together on the Egg Farm tour and Camp Blogaway earlier this year. It was a fun task to choose from Boulder’s great restaurant selection. It was very hard to patiently photograph my food before I gobbled it all up.

Lunch at the Kitchen, salmon over salad

The highly recommended restaurants that we did not want to pass up were The Kitchen and Sushi Tora

Pearl Street Japanese restaurant, sashimi lunch

We all left the workshop with new skills, great friends, excellent swag and I scored an award given by my instructors for Best Styling. I was surprised as there was so much amazing talent in the room. but very, very happy……….

Best Food Styling Cookies Marla Meridith More Re-Cap’s from Food and Light:

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