Stevia Favorite Go-To Sweetener

by Marla on February 24, 2011 · 90 comments

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Sugar free coconut blueberry muffins with orange paper. Stevia is my go-to sweetener. 99% of the sweets I create on Family Fresh Cooking are sugar free. Each time I post a muffin, cookie, cake, parfait, pudding or breakfast with stevia I get many questions about it. Stevia is becoming more and more popular for calorie conscious & low carb diets. I want to help clear up confusions out there and help you get used to baking with it. For more information on why I made this choice and to learn about sugar versus stevia please see my post Sugar Free Lifestyle.

The cupcakes in the pictures are my Pomegranate Blueberry Muffins with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting

Stevia sweeteners powders and flavored drops In order to stay fit, sharp and prevent irritability I switched to stevia a few years ago. It has changed my world. Do my baked goodies taste great? You bet! People that taste them cannot tell they have no refined sugar. With more and more people facing weight challenges, diabetes and other diet related concerns this low glycemic option can help us keep our favorite treats without having to loosen our belts.

Sugar free diet with stevia. Diet dessert recipes.

Products I Use

In this post I will share the brands I use and when I use them. This post is not sponsored by these brands, the opinions I share with you are always my own. There are 4 products I use all the time. Please note I do not use them interchangeably. For me they each suit a slightly different purpose. NuNaturals and SweetLeaf both have vast product lines but the products I mention here are the ones I like best.

Baking with stevia is not as challenging as you think. Since stevia is much sweeter than sugar you use a lot less in volume. My recipes will help guide you. Once you understand how it works most recipes can be adapted to be sugar free. I always recommend adding some stevia to your recipes and then adjust to taste. I give you a general guideline of what works for us.

NuNaturals and SweetLeaf brand liquid stevia drops.


Baking: NuNaturals No-Carb Powder, remember a little goes a long way. You can also use the Vanilla Drops and Plain Drops (below). The results are the same, simply adjust my recipes to taste.
Sprinkling: Truvia and the No-Carb powder above. This is great on top of parfaits, oatmeal, french toast or any where you want some granulated crunch.
Drops: Vanilla NuNaturals and English Toffee SweetLeaf drops are great for coffee, shakes, hot cocoa, parfaits, frosting, whipped cream and ice-blended drinks. I love the Singing Dog Vanila extract they use in the vanilla NuNaturals drops. When I use those drops in baking I often leave out additional vanilla extract.

Powdered Stevia sugar free sweetener

This image is to illustrate how different one serving size is from brand to brand. Believe it or not the NuNatural’s on the right is sweeter even with that smaller quantity. That has to do with the amount of added Erythritol.

Helpful Tips

  • With sugar the measurements are more predictable, with stevia they can vary so you need to know your product. The volume will be very different than what you are used to.
  • I always encourage that you sweeten to taste. Don’t be shy to taste your batter when baking. Always start with a little and you can add more according to preference.
  • Don’t be fooled by “baking blends.” These have more stuff added to them to bulk up the product, to make the ratios appear more like sugar. For me less ingredients is more.
  • If I have not mentioned a product it is for one of two reasons, I have either not tried it or it did not work for me.
  • Let’s remember that in it’s natural state Stevia is a green leaf. Obviously it has been highly refined to get it into a liquid or powdered state. Use all products at your own risk.

Sugar free healthy blueberry muffins with cream cheese frosting

Brand Websites for More Info


Links to Some of My Stevia Sweetened Goodies

Please visit my recipe page for more sweet treats.

Other Bloggers Who Use Stevia

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor. I simply share information that works for me and my family. If you have medical related issues please discuss them with your physician.

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