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by Marla on June 19, 2011 · 43 comments

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Family Fresh Cooking celebrates Fathers Day 2011

Today’s post  is a shout out to all of the dads out there. Whether you are a seasoned pro, a newbie or a wannabe. This is a tribute to you. Big hugs to dads today, this is second in a series of Happy Posts. What are you all up to to honor the men in your life?

Parents kissing daughter at wedding ceremony

Mom I don’t want to leave you out. It is you and dad together that have made me the happy person I am. I feel blessed for each and every moment I have on this Earth. Remember all of these wedding photos? Great memories huh!

Y’all see my hubs to the far left? He was there too sillies it was OUR wedding afterall……

Family Fresh Cooking celebrates Fathers Day 2011

One of my biggest fans is my dad. I am one of his greatest admirers too. It’s about time he gets the spotlight on my blog, what better than to share him with the world on Father’s Day! My dad has always been there for me.

I have amazing memories of my childhood. My formative years were spent growing up on Long Island. In the summers we fled to my aunt and uncles organic dairy farm in Devon, England. That is my little girl in the photo, she looks a lot like me as a kid.

Green John Deere garden Tractor

Don’t let the wedding photos deceive you. My dad is a really casual guy. It is not often that you would catch him in a suit. In the way that I live in Lululemon he lives in Levi’s and plaid shirts.

My dad always wanted to be a farmer, but instead he is a dentist. That is why he loves his John Deere tractor. He has the best of both worlds. Teeth for work & tractor for play. Go figure.

Little girl with grandfather and big milkshakes

He makes an awesome grandpa too. Thank you for that. Our kids adore their Grandma and Papa. My kids especially love when you take them for milkshakes at Ruby’s. ‘Cause we are all about the food over here.

To my hubs, you are a dream come true……most of the time ;) No really you always have my back and I have yours. Without you raising these kids would be a much bigger challenge than it all ready is and not nearly as fun.

Father holding two small children

Hopefully one day my little guy will be a great dad too. For now he is precious as my small little nugget.

Pre school boy in blue paisley shirt playing soccer

If there was a dessert from my blog I think you guys would love today I would go with this cherry crisp. Just for you. Can we enjoy it together over the web?

Healthy homemade baked crisp with cranberries and cherries.

Or perhaps this Maple Apple Upside Down Cake

Healthy whole grain breakfast cake recipe with maple apples.

Either way, life is sweet. Happy Father’s Day.

*kisses* xo

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