Fresh Catch in New Orleans: A Seafood Trip

by Marla on August 26, 2011 · 65 comments

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Lady in fedora hat holding freshly caught crabs, crawfish and corn

Back in June I had the most incredible experience in New Orleans. I was invited out to the Gulf Coast as part of the Food Blog Masters to discover the delicious fresh catch flavors of Louisiana Seafood . Good thing I LOVE creatures of the sea, because on this trip we indulged in everything from fresh caught crab, shrimp, oysters, crawdads, red fish…you name it. If it swims in the waters of the Gulf Coast we ate it.

We learned everything about the seafood process from boat to table……..

Gulf Coast Louisiana blogger seafood tour

It is so fun to re-visit trips I have taken through photos. I hope you enjoy this virtual tour of the Gulf Coast. There was a lot to see.

Food Blog Masters Seafood Tour of Louisiana Really, the views were great!

Men in Louisiana catching crabs

Can you believe these guys catch your seafood? I know. I think they need their own hunky calendar.

Fisherman in blue shirt and blue crabs.

Here’s a close up of our crab man. I cannot remember his name. Let’s just call him hottie.

Crab fisherman in Louisiana

There are the blog pals on a little boat trip. See Maggy from Three Many Cooks? *hi Maggy*

Food Blog Masters trip to Louisiana

Our cameras were glued to our faces the whole trip. Wave *hi* to Matt and Nathan.

Food Blog Masters trip to Louisiana

There was seafood everywhere we looked…..

Crabmeat in Louisianan Processing plant

We had it boiled, steamed, fried, poached, broiled, grilled, sauced…..and it even looked us in the face.

Food Blog Masters Seafood trip to New Orleans

We met Jambalaya Girl. How cute is she!

Food Blog Masters trip: Jambalaya by Cook Me Somethin' Mister

She makes the best dang jambalaya ever. Her slogan is “Yum Yum Come Get Me Some” I got me some. Lots.

Cook Me Somethin' Mister

Check out this crawdad boil. See those andouille sausages floating in the broth? They were addictive!

Food Blog Masters trip to Louisiana

Lots and lots of crawdads. They are like little tiny lobsters.

Crawdads, crayfish boil in Lousinana

The people we met were amazing hard workers. They liked to smile.

Food Blog Masters New Orleans Trip

Makes me glad to know how much passion, drive and ambition they have about their jobs even after Louisiana suffered through so much hardship the past few years.

Food Blog Masters trip to New Orleans

These folks head out to the waters daily to bring us the freshest catch. Their energy and enthusiasm is pervasive in everything they do.

Crab Fisherman in Louisiana on boat

Hopefully one day you will find yourself by the bayou, enjoying the fresh catch from the Gulf and taking in the lovely scenery. This was my second trip to Louisiana. The first was back in 2002, before we had kids. My hubs and I celebrated Thanksgiving Creole style at Commander’s Palace.

The memories of both trips to NOLA will last a lifetime.

Woman with Iced Coffee in New Orleans

My favorite thing to do at the end of each day was drink my favorite chicory ice coffee at Pain du Monde. Happy days indeed!

What is your favorite seafood? Have you ever been to New Orleans?

*Thanks to Amanda from Kevin and Amanda for taking the photos of me in this blog post.

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Food Blog Masters

Family Fresh Cooking Disclosure: The Food Blog Masters Retreat was sponsored by the Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board and organized by Zehnder Communications. I was invited to attend and all opinions are my own.

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