Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers & Gratitude

by Marla on November 25, 2011 · 51 comments

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The PERFECT Thanksgiving Turkey on

We were all anticipating the BIG day of feasting. How did it go? Who sat at your Thanksgiving table this year? Were you home or did you travel far away or perhaps to a nearby restaurant? No matter what you did I hope it was glorious!

Whether you enjoyed a vegan, gluten free or carnivorous day I hope you have plenty of leftovers. One of the best parts of this foodie holiday is the party in your fridge.

The after party…

Family Portrait on Family Fresh Cooking blog

Did you have a few minutes to bless the meal? How about a gratitude list? Here we discussed what we are grateful for…beyond the food. Health and love are the themes that stick. Always.

Amazing how little the kids are in that family photo. It was shot 4 years ago in Laguna Beach by the lovely and talented Don Romero.

Little pinecone Thanksgiving turkey craft on holiday place setting

This year it was just the four of us. Myself my hubs and my 8 year old daughter and 4 year old son. I wanted them to feast on the richness of the holiday with food that energized them to go on with the day…

The PERFECT Thanksgiving Turkey on

The nice thing about having Turkey Day in your own home is that you can reach out and touch the turkey. Especially when your mom is a photographer and lets you explore everything.

Part of the joy of being a kid is that each and every experience is new and unique.

After weeks of making turkey cutlets, it was fun to pull out the bug guns. Great inspiration was all over the web but two turkey prep posts I kept on going back to were Cookin’ Canuck’s and Georgia Pellegrini’s. These gals know their big birds. For more I also looked at this guide from Whole Foods.

Our turkey was a great success! Thanks ladies…

The PERFECT Thanksgiving Turkey on

We enjoyed our feast at noon. After I did yoga. That left lots and lots of time to play. We also saw the new movie Arthur Christmas.

Family Fresh Cooking Thanksgiving blog post

It was very cute and now both kids believe in Santa more than ever. In the movie Santa delivers presents in some space aged gizmo. I am trying to convince them that he still cracks the whip and has a dozen reindeer with Rudoulph guiding the way.

We all know Santa rides in a sleigh and slides down the chimney. Right?

Before I dive more into Christmas, let’s talk leftovers shall we?

Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie Tarts on ©

Have you ever noticed that it is fun to dig into the Thanksgiving left overs for about two meals and then your palate tires of them? No worries friends, I have your back. Adding ingredients from your feast to these recipes with re-ignite the Thanksgiving passion. Meal after meal….

Please remember to pack those meals in your lunch boxes too.

Let’s start with a Thanksgiving Monte Cristo! A sandwich packed with turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and brie. Use any cheese you have on hand. Any would be delicious, really.

Thanksgiving Monte Cristo | GREAT way to use those Leftovers!

Everyone’s favorite Mexican food can be converted into all sorts of  leftover meals.

Here are two options for tostadas…you can also make quesadillas. Instead of stacking the ingredients you can sandwich them together between tortillas.

Option 1: Thanksgiving Style

Thanksgiving Tostadas on

Option 2: Mexican Style

Thanksgiving Tostadas on
Last week I shared these Thanksgiving Pizzas with you guys. They are amazing. Instead of tomatoes, leftover mashed sweet potatoes make the sauce. Creamy goat cheese, sweet figs and turkey round it all off.

If you do nothing else please make these…manage to find a way.

They will make you giddy.

Sweet Potato Goat Cheese Fig Pizza on

Frittatas are always a great way to use up ingredients too. With a side salad or some steamed veggies they make the perfect meal. Here is my Baby Peas and Cheese Frittata. Add some of that shredded turkey.

Go on! Serve up with a side of those sweet potatoes while your at it.

Cheese and egg frittata with sunflower sprouts and sweet potatoes

Wanna use up all that cake and pie? You know you do.

Mash it up and layer it with some fat free greek yogurt. That way you can feel a little less guilty, maybe you will even still fit into those skinny jeans after the holidays.

Make your parfait look something like this

Greek yogurt parfait with gluten free chocolate pecan date cake

You can also make some Sweet Potato Oat Crisps.

I hope I have inspired you with this round up. Have a happy long weekend and never forget to be grateful for the little things.

Little boy and little girl playing with stuffed animals Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipe Links

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