Why Exercise Works: Fitness A True Gift

by Marla on January 14, 2012 · 39 comments

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Little girl in red shirt playing in a playground

I have this awesome friend from Telluride named Chris Rauchnot. You might remember him from last summer. He is the one my hubs and I went mushroom hunting with. Chris and I met a number of years back at the Telluride Elks Club for the annual spaghetti cook-off and we hit it off immediately. We have lots in common, some of that being our passion for healthy living, snowy Colorado winters and exercise. We love the outdoors and clean + delicious food.

While poking around Facebook this morning I stumbled on this post by Chris. I will uses his words exactly. I stand behind them 100% they are highlighted in orange.

Little girl ice skating in a grey tutu. We are gonna take a good look at the power of fitness + exercise.

In a tiara, tutu, shorts, ski pants, leggings. No matter what your outfit…get moving. When you can the benefits are beyond your wildest dreams. Climb a tree or a boulder, rock that hula hoop, ski a chute. As Nike says: Just Do It.

By the way here is Chris. He has more energy than anyone I know & he is totally fit! Together we have more energy than 20 pots of dark roasted coffee…

Wild mushroom hunt in Lizard Head Telluride, CO Here is what Chris has to say…

Happy New Year everybody! This is the time of the year when people set new fitness goal and try to implement change in there lives. Most peoples new fitness goals won’t make it to Feb, so here is a new way to look at this year…
“Fitness is not a goal but a gift”

Amen. Thank you Chris. Agreed. Most people start the year with great intentions and by Valentines Day all bets are off.

Fitness: It’s a gift that makes us more active and present in our own life. 

Agreed, the deep exhales and inhalations alone will help set you free of any of lifes worries and concerns.

Little boy in black tee shirt playing with a hula hoop.  A gift that makes us more active and present with your family, children and pets.

Being present with those we love is essential to great relationships. Together lets turn off the TV, close the laptops, turn off the cell phones and get active.  Can we try this for just 30 minutes? Before you know it an hour will pass.

It’s the gift of empowerment. To live a fuller life.

No matter what baggage I walk in with before I exercise it is always gone when I leave. Most of the time I cannot even remember what was bugging me so much! Exercise fills me up like nothing else. I notice the same for my children.

It’s the gift of optimal health, feeling alive and strong.

It is a well recognized fact that getting that blood flowing, working your muscles and getting your heart beating is much better for you than a sedentary lifestyle. No matter what your age.

Telluride Yoga Center, Colorado USA

It’s a gift to find a sport or activity you love that energizes you and gives you hours of enjoyment.

Find it. No matter what it is. For me my exercise passions have changed throughout the years. It used to be running marathons was my thing. These days yoga works for me. One constant throughout my life is a love for long walks. These days those walks are usually accompanied by a large camera. It is fun to take pictures & exercise!

One of my all time favorite sports is skiing, I do it whenever I can. Being in the snow invigorates me like nothing else. Like Chris says…find your passion and run with it.

Skies with jewels on them and Buddhist prayer flags

So this year find something physical you love to do and immerse yourself.

There’s a big difference between doing what you love and just setting a goal that doesn’t have deeper meaning.

Brother and sister on bikes in the summer.

Thank you Chris for your awesome words of wisdom & for letting me post them here.

Find your happy place through exercise. Visualize where you are and where you want to be. No matter where I am I see my favorite mountains, they are great form of inspiration!

Don’t let those speed bumps in life get you down. They are not obstacles only incentives to push harder…

Fall, autumn, Mountain Views in Telluride Colorado USA

Looking for a great new workout? Chris invented an awesome one called Playground Pump you should check out. This workout uses standard playground equipment as resistance & stretching mechanisms. It is a bunch of fun exercises that you can do in 30 minutes or less. And it works. You can easily alter the workout to work for you, no matter what your fitness level. It takes advantage of readily available equipment, gets you outside and incurs no gym membership fees.

Playground Pump is available in a handy fit deck & an iPhone App too!

Another nice thing I love about Playground Pump is that you can bring your kids and pets to the park & do a little something for yourself while you are there. Easy peasy.

When it comes to fitness my theory is if it hurts you and damages your body find something new. You only get one go around with your body, so use it carefully. Running used to work for me & now it does not. So I stopped doing it. Do something you love so you stick with the program…but don’t let it injure you.

Little girl in striped shirt crossing the street in Telluride.








What is your favorite way to stay fit?

By the way I am giving away two Playground Pump Fitness exercise kits on my Facebook page. Head over there for a chance to win one!

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