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by Marla on January 22, 2012 · 56 comments

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Rosa Yummy Yums guest post.

If there is one place in the world that I must travel to some day it is Switzerland. I dream often of this gorgeous land with snowy peaks, cows with bells, stunning farmland, warm people and of course the food! Thankfully I feel like I am whisked to destinations around Europe every time I visit my friends blog, Rosa’s Yummy Yums. I picture Rosa May & I touring cafes with cameras and treats in hand ~  discussing art, fine food, color, light and life. She feels like a kindred spirit. Rosa has a beatnik, Betty Page edge that makes her unique and fabulous! She travels often, her wanderings & musings always entertain!

Please welcome my guest today, Rosa from Rosa’s Yummy Yums

*All of the stunning photography in this post is ©Rosa Mayland Photography

Swiss flag on a sail boat by Rosa Mayland Photography
Hi! My name is Rosa and I am a quirky Anglo-Swiss food enthusiast who lives in a small Geneva countryside village situated in the French speaking part of Switzerland – a few meters away from the French border – and who loves to play with words, delve into the culinary spheres and the world of photography with a load of passion and a good dose of Rock ‘n’ Roll attitude.

Swiss countryside in the winter. Lake Leman Montreux

My blog “Rosa’s Yummy Yums” offers witty articles that go against the tide (I despise trends, like to question established behavior patterns or assumptions and have an independent personality), unique recipes, droolworthy pictures of my dishes as well as mesmerizing photos of the landscapes that surround me, a lot of food for thought and eerily atmospheric sounds to soothe your soul. Besides, when I’m not writing for my site, you’ll also find me over at The Rambling Epicure, a daily international food chronicle and online newspaper to which I contribute as a freelance columnist (list of my articles: part I & part II).

Rosa Yummy Yums guest post on Family Fresh Cooking blog.

I have been reading Family Fresh Cooking since 2010 and have witnessed how Marla has developped her cooking, baking and photography skills over the years. Every time I visit her refreshing and unique blog, I feel inspired and take a virtual vacation. This dazzling woman’s healthy, yet indulgent recipes never fail to make me drool and her brilliant pictures (dishes, landscapes as well as sweet family portraits) always delight me to the highest point.

Bright colored fall foliage lining city street

So, when she kindly asked me to write a guest post for her and share some of my favorite Valentine’s Day desserts with her readers, I accepted her gracious proposition without a moment of hesitation as it is a true honor for me to be featured on her wonderful space. A wish come true, as a matter of fact…

Rosa Mayland Photography, clouds and Switzerland

Today, I am extremely thrilled to present you with my fetish romantic recipes and I wish to warmly thank Marla for opening the doors of her platform to me. It is an honor to know this perky lady and to have my work hosted by such a fabulous and friendly blogger like her!

Eplepai traditional Norwegian apple cake recipe

Eplepai“ is a wintery Norwegian apple cake which is ridiculously simple and fast to put together, nonetheless it is far from being characterless, boring or bland gustatively speaking. The warm spices (cardamom & cinnamon) pair admirably with the sweet tartness of the fruits and the toasted almonds add a gorgeously nutty note to the whole. A tantalizing and morish treat that is sticky, extra humid, super smooth in texture, mighty gratifying and which somehow reminds me of pudding. A slice of Scandinavian heaven!

Chocolate whoopie pies with vanilla cream filling

Those “Chocolate & Salted Vanilla Whoopie Pies” are pleasantly crispy on the outside and superbly spongy as well as moist on the inside. The ever so slightly salty-tasting vanilla filling that can be compared to frosting pairs terribly well with the faint bitterness of the cocoa-based shells. Sensational! No matter how hip or “out” those old-fashioned, delicious and cute sandwiched cookies are, they deserve a lot of attention as I’ve rarely come across something that orgasmic and terrifyingly addictive.

Lemon curd dessert on a crispy cracker for holiday and party  treats.

LemonCurd” makes me feel closer to England, reminds me of my English grandparents and of the Sunday morning breakfasts I used to have when I was a child. I have many of positive memories linked to that speciality, so when I’m feeling down, there’s nothing more therapeutic than to whip up a pot or two of that irresistible spread. I am so happy to be in possession of my sadly missed grandmother’s 1971 recipe for this lusciously buttery, exquisitely tangy, divinely citrusy and blissfully silky cream that pairs perfectly well with fresh homemade bread.

Dark chocolate torte recipe for holidays, birthdays and entertaining.

Sachertorte” is the ultimate culinary symbol of Vienna (Austria) and a typical Kaffeehaus delicacy. Rick Rodger’s version is just perfect both in taste and texture. The sponge layers are soft, yet a little compact (in an titillating way), the chocolate topping is marvelously gooey and the aromas blend particularly well together. A real poem and ode to ambrosialness!

Little cream filled cookies for entertaining and parties

Without a doubt, Coffee Kisses are the cookies that come to my mind when thinking of England and my grandparents. As a child, every time I visited them I begged my grandmother to bake a batch of them with me. She accepted very reluctantly as she hated having people “in her legs” while she was busy in the kitchen and was not to hot at the thought of baking with a messy and energy-ladden kid. Anyway, for my greatest pleasure I always won after a few hours of supplicating and haggling! Those little bites of paradise have such an wonderful coffee aroma and are just to-die-for. It is impossible not to fall in love with those whoopie pie-like sandwich cookies and be totally addicted to their crisp crust, softish interior and lipsmackingly buttercream filling.

Ball of chocolate mousse for entertaining and party planning.

This deluxe “Earl Grey & Dark Chocolate Mousse” is intensely chocolaty, sinfully calorific, highly sensuous, mindblowingly decadent, delectably fudgy, truffle-like and has ethereal notes of earl grey. The basic recipe (without extra flavoring) comes from my Swiss grandmother who passed away long ago and whom I will never forget.

Homemade flan recipe with Earl Grey Tea, caramel sauce and pomegranate seeds

These pretty “Tea Caramel Flans” are smooth and creamy, have a subtly spicy flavor and are dazzlingly caramelly (both aromas meld really well together) and look terrific, especially when decorated with jewel-like pomegranate seeds. A refined dessert.

Traditional British sponge cake recipe for parties, entertaining, afternoon tea

Victoria Sandwich” is a traditional British sponge cake that is easy to bake, incredibly soft, fluffy and very versatile. Named after Queen Victoria, this baked good is part of my heritage (I have Swiss and English blood running through my veins). Instead of sandwiching mine the traditional way, with raspberry jam, I decided to replace the preserves with a much healthier and tastier filling made of plum compote which I have flavored with ground cinnamon and to which I have added an itsy bitsy amount of sugar. The result was just out-of-this-world.

Homemade pastry with walnuts and toffee

My “Engadiner Crostata” is a cross between an Italian tart and a Swiss classic known as ”Engadiner Nusstorte“. This tart is composed of pasta frolla (sweet Italian shortcrust pastry), walnuts and toffee. The buttery and flaky shortcrust pastry combines perfectly with the strongly caramelly, intoxicatingly nutty and moreish filling. That pairing is so wickedly delish that it’ll make you grow devil horns!

You can also stay in touch with Rosa on Twitter, Rosa.J.May Facebook, Rosa’s Yummy Yums Facebook, Pinterest and StumbleUpon too.

Thank you so much for visiting me here at Family Fresh Cooking Rosa! xoxo

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