Telluride Mountainfilm Festival 2012

by Marla on June 14, 2012 · 35 comments

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Spring in Telluride, CO. | MountainFilm  2012 |

As you all know Telluride, CO is my muse. Winter, spring, summer and fall ~ my majestic home away from home never ceases to delight. This nugget of a town fills the senses with empowerment, lightness and color.

Each Memorial Day weekend the warmer weather is welcomed by  the first festival of the season Mountainfilm. This was the festival’s 34th year. I attended #33 and I plan on making the yearly trek from now on.

This is a special time when filmmakers, extreme athletes, photographers, film aficionados and mountain lovers everywhere come together to embrace life. About 90 films are carefully selected and shared with us.

Go ahead and grab a cup of coffee. Maybe a pot. Lots to share here today!

Spring in Telluride, CO. | MountainFilm |

Mountainfilm Mission

“The event aims to educate and inspire audiences on subjects that range from outdoor adventure and exploration to critical environmental, cultural and social issues.” It does all this and more.

Spring Blossoms | Telluride, CO |

Telluride is in full bloom!

This is a special time of year where cherry blossoms burst open…

Spring Blossoms | Telluride, CO |

And the mountain tops are still decorated in snow…

Spring in Telluride, CO |

When you are in the sun you feel warmth, when you are in the shade and as soon as night falls a sweet chill fills the air. People always have light puffer jackets on hand…

Spring Blossoms | Telluride, CO |

Mountain style is my favorite. A little plaid, a little puff, shorts mixed with fleece and down…

Spring Blossoms | Telluride, CO |

Each day I enjoy my daily walk to the old mine. A little bit of exercise and some time to reflect on the films, symposiums and meet-ups.

The Mine, Telluride CO. Mountainfilm 2012 |

Down time is a wonderful way to get in a little shopping and take in the stunning surroundings…

Spring in Telluride CO. | Mountainfilm 2012 |

See that guy on the bike with the big nubby tires? His name is David Holbrooke. He is a Telluride part timer, a film maker and the festival director. Both him and executive director Peter Kenworthy make this festival what it is….spectacular!

Spring in Telluride CO. | Mountainfilm 2012 |

I think these guys are good buddies…

Spring in Telluride CO. | Mountainfilm 2012 |

There is a large bunch of dedicated volunteers that also make this festival a well planned and perfectly oiled machine. From early morning coffee talks, to gallery walks to social events and of course making sure we all get to see cutting edge movies.

Spring in Telluride CO. | Mountainfilm 2012 |

The Mountain Film team does it all to guarantee we all have a uniquely amazing experience.

Telluride CO. | Mountainfilm 2012 |

I have no idea who this guy is but I need to meet him this summer. Anyone who lives in paint splattered clothes has gotta have some good stories!

Also any guy who rides a giraffe bicycle must have some great tales…

Spring in Telluride CO. | Mountainfilm 2012 |

I saw so many films. Full length ones, shorts, funny, sad and everything in between. A good part of the time I grip the sides of my chair watch people do the most extraordinary feats beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

These guys venture to the deepest slot canyons in the Grand Canyon. They explore crevasses not ever seen before by humans. Check out their movie Last Of The Great Unknown if you can!

I always have a little chuckle ~ I style and photograph food perched on a step ladder…

Mountainfilm 2012 |

These guys + gals dangle precariously thousands of feet in the air from mountain edges, helicopters and glaciers to get the shot. What Happened on Pam Island and Chasing Ice are great examples of a people that goes way beyond the fear factor. They make me want to get out there and do more. More adventurous photography assignments. More for my family. More for our planet.

Below is Frank Marshall the director of Right to Play. He has a long pedigree of success in movie making and his film won the Audience Award at the festival.

Spring in Telluride CO. | Mountainfilm 2012 |

Daily gallery walks are a great way to visit with photographers and artists. I am very intrigued with Tibetan culture.

Spring in Telluride CO. | Mountainfilm 2012 |

This particular exhibit by Phil Borges was breathtaking and quite emotional. It captures a country that craves tradition but has been haunted and forced into change.

On a lighter note…no film festival is complete without an ice cream social!

Spring in Telluride CO. | Mountainfilm 2012 |

Lots of ice cream…

Spring in Telluride CO. | Mountainfilm 2012 |


Spring in Telluride CO. | Mountainfilm 2012 |


The Steaming Bean | Mountainfilm 2012 |

Big smiles…

Spring in Telluride, CO. | MountainFilm |

And a giant BBQ catered by one of my favorite restaurants! We frequent La Cocina de Luz whenever we are in town.

They use plenty of seasonal and sustainable ingredients. The flavors are always fresh and amazing!

\Spring in Telluride, CO. | MountainFilm |

Mostly adults attend the screenings, but little ones enjoy the ice cream social and the closing ceremony and awards picnic.

Spring in Telluride, CO. | MountainFilm |

These amazing folks from Peaceful Uprising won the Moving Mountains Prize. This movie about Tim DeChristopher was directed by the a husband wife team, Beth Gage and George Gage.

If you want to learn more about Tim’s story visit the Peaceful Uprising website.

Spring in Telluride, CO. | MountainFilm |

Here they are accepting their award.

You might recognize Laura Linney…she is a Mountainfilm judge.

Spring in Telluride, CO. | MountainFilm |

This is a place where educated folks share important aspects that affect our environment ~ and the isues that make our world a great and somewhat compromised space. The festival encourages green living and it prides itself on being a low-impact festival.

Thankfully there is no swag.

Spring in Telluride, CO. | MountainFilm |

Bringing your own plates, utensils and such to events is encouraged throughout the weekend. And beyond of course!

Spring in Telluride, CO. | MountainFilm |

This is also a place where people show true grit, character and effervescent global love. (OK, that sounds a bit hippy, but go with me here)

Spring in Telluride, CO. | MountainFilm |

Judy and Gary Kopff and her hubs are wonderful folks I met waiting in line to see Ethel.

Spring in Telluride, CO. | MountainFilm |

They are volunteer clowns for the American Red Cross. They make sick little children and veterans smile and laugh. We need more folks like them. You can watch a DC Council Commemoration of this dynamic volunteer duo on this YouTube video.

All of the kids were so excited to visit with them at the picnic!

If you can ever make it to Mountainfilm I suggest you bring the whole family. You can pick and choose what films you want to see and spend the rest of the time frolicking in the high altitude alpine bliss.

Spring in Telluride, CO. | MountainFilm |

What makes Mountainfilm in Telluride unique and life changing is the wonderful community of like minded people.

Spring in Telluride, CO. | MountainFilm |

They sip coffee, stroll the streets, discuss the films, sit in the dark and explore the world together. Surrounded by 12,000 – 14, 000 ft mountains. High altitude heaven!

Spring in Telluride, CO. | MountainFilm |

Have you ever been to Telluride Mountainfilm? How about any other film festival?

Spring in Telluride, CO. | MountainFilm |

Mountain Film Links

I saw many movies at Mountainfilm. Here are a few notables….well worth it if you can hunt them down.


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