Prayers. Love. Peace.

by Marla on December 17, 2012 · 10 comments

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Prayers. Love. Peace. for Newtown, CT. on

Today as you pay visits to your favorite bloggers you will see many participating in a day of peace. A day to honor lives lost and pray for humans broken. Broken. That is such an awful word that resounds over and over in my head. To lose a loved one to such violence as what unfolded in Newtown, Connecticut is unspeakable.

The peaceful Sandy Hook Elementary School will never be the same…nor will any school for that matter. One persons actions resound through the universe.

When I look at photos of the little children and adults who passed to the heavens I shudder…

What you see in these photos is my favorite necklace. I wear it daily. It protects, a sort of talisman

Prayers. Love. Peace. for Newtown, CT. on

Or at least I like to think it protects. I give it a firm tug when I need help. I ring the bell when I need to remind myself that all is OK.

I tug the wing ~ the angels wing.

It lifts me up, frees me, or I pretend it does. We all deal with grief & distress differently.

Prayers. Love. Peace. for Newtown, CT. on

I pretend to turn the key. It locks doors from the past. It unlocks the mystery of the future.

It frees me from feeling trapped within. The skulls remind me of our mortality.

Prayers. Love. Peace. for Newtown, CT. on

The blue crystals ~ clarity. The color is pure, bright, glowing beauty.

They symbolize a cooling nature very different from my fire personality.

I crave the coolness to tone down my spice…

Prayers. Love. Peace. for Newtown, CT. on

Unfortunately a tug of my necklace or a ringing of the tiny bell would have done nothing if I was in Sandy Hook Elementary that day. Six women and twenty 6 & 7 year old children lost their right to live a beautiful life here on earth.

My kids are 9 & 6. Thankfully they are here with us today. I will prepare breakfast for them. Wake them from a peaceful sleep. Help them dress for school. Send them off hoping for a safe day with hugs and kisses. Expecting them to return to me with big smiles & stories at the end of the day.

I will tuck them into bed, read to them and pray for another beautiful day together. I will pray for the people of Newtown, CT.

That’s what we all hope for right? The right to peace, health and love.

We push evil out of our minds because it is too awful to understand. We all face sadness and disappointment in life. All of us. 

Prayers. Love. Peace. for Newtown, CT. on

For me silence is tough, I need to talk things out. I need to move, think, process and talk some more.

Blessings to all of you, my beautiful readers. Today I would love to hear how you handle difficult times, grief, sadness and death.

Is it faith, religion a higher power or something else that helps get you through?

Here is the image you will see around the web today. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts here on this special space with you today and everyday.

God Bless…

Prayers. Love. Peace. for Newtown, CT. on

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