Red Barn

by Marla on March 13, 2013 · 17 comments

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Red Barn in Southwest Colorado |
Sometimes life hands you great big adventures. Sometimes on those adventures you stumble across pretty red barns.

On my way out to Hotchkiss, CO a few weeks ago I stumbled upon this beauty. I am attracted to barns and snow capped mountains ~ like a bear is to honey. Or a hummingbird to nectar. You get it.

These beauties beckon and thrill all my senses. I dip in and taste the experience through the lens of my camera.

Red Barn in Southwest Colorado |

Red Barn in Southwest Colorado |

The funny thing is, there is most likely a look and don’t touch rule.

The snowy peaks might be too far away….

Red Barn in Southwest Colorado |

Same thing with the barn in sight. It is probably tucked away on a strangers property.

Land that I have no access to. Trespassing is certainly not an event I need in my life.

Red Barn in Southwest Colorado |

Sometimes I am in too much of a hurry to get somewhere to make a quickie barn pit stop.

Red Barn in Southwest Colorado |

In this case I had but a few minutes. Time to grab a few clicks.

Time to smile a bit at the beauty before me. And… at the ready for someone to come out and yell at me to get away from their barn (that did happen once and it need not happen again.) Nothin’ like being in the moment, at peace with self & someone comes running out to scare your socks off.

This red barn caught my gaze just outside Montrose, CO. I pulled over on the side of the public road alongside it and was sure to look from a distance and not touch.

That is the real nice thing about zoom lenses.

Red Barn in Southwest Colorado |

 You can keep a healthy distance and get a few clicks.

Red Barn in Southwest Colorado |

I don’t know what Lot 1 is, but it sounds pretty important.

Perhaps I can buy the land. That way I could have the red barn as my neighbor. That would be pretty neat. Eh?

Red Barn in Southwest Colorado |

I sure am happy that I made acquaintance with this red barn and all the beauty surrounding it.

It is small experiences like these that I will never forget. Peace, beauty and JOY all at once. I am grateful I could share this with all of you….

Red Barn in Southwest Colorado |

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