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Real Food Fast. Not Fast Food.

Family Fresh Cooking is about delicious, healthy, whole food recipes for the home chef. My goal is to make cooking for your family fun, simple and quick. In my recipes I use the freshest ingredients available without refined sugars or highly processed “stuff.”

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Included here are useful shopping ideas, tricks, tips, and techniques to get those healthy meals rolling.  In each recipe post I will share my favorite product picks and where you can find them.  Food shopping can be fun once you have your routine down.  When you know what you need ahead of time you can be in and out of the store a lot quicker.  Sometimes it is fun to linger and find new ingredients to inspire.

A lot of you often have questions on the sweeteners I use in my recipes. Please see my post on Stevia: my favorite go-to sweetener and why I choose a sugar free lifestyle. I only recommend certain brands and products within those brands. I cannot predict the outcome and flavor of your recipes with products outside my recommendations.

Food Shopping

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Prep Time

TIP: When I shop I try not to go in starving otherwise the excursion usually starts with some unforeseen trip to the pastry case.  On the flip side I don’t go into the store super full because then I have no desire to think about buying food.

1 Margaret Sutton July 10, 2009 at 5:41 am

Great! Let’s get started………I need shopping ideas, tricks and techniques in the kitchen.

2 cathy July 25, 2009 at 9:17 pm

your little one is so adorable! a little Marla!

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