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Giveaways & Promotions on Family Fresh Cooking

When we choose to do a giveaway, talk about a brand or run a promotion it is because it is something we want to share with our Family Fresh Cooking readers. It is a product or ingredient that we believe in. There are many considerations when deciding to run a review & giveaway on this blog. Promos are often paid endorsements in which a full disclosure (according to FTC regulations) will be added to the post. The only way for us to understand a product or ingredient is to try it out over here. If a trip is sponsored it will be disclosed too.

For PR & Brands

If you think your product might be suitable for Family Fresh Cooking then please feel free to contact us.  Our recipes have a focus on a healthy lifestyle with natural, whole food ingredients. We will entertain the prospect of reviewing your product, ingredient & travel opportunities with great discretion and compensation for time.