Happy Halloween 2014!

October 31, 2014
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Hi everyone! Happy Friday & HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We are so excited around here & have been preparing for this holiday since late August (I kid you not!) That photo was taken late August right when my kids got their costumes. You can tell my son was in a great mood about trying his on…meanwhile the […]

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Cinnamon Candy Apple Cocktails

October 29, 2014
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Can you believe only 2 days until the best holiday evahhhhhh?! The word on everyones lips is Halloween. Here in Telluride, there will be a town parade, parties & of course lots of tricks & treats! Let’s not forget the cocktails…. Last week Mini Cinnamon Apples swooned us. Today they perch proudly on Fireball spiked Cinnamon Candy Apple Cocktails.

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Halloween Chocolate Monster Cookies

October 26, 2014
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Halloween Monster Cookies go something like this. My sweet little 2nd grader was home from school feeling a bit under the weather. He was well enough to bake cookies though! These are my sons version of Monster Cookies. And he is mighty happy to share them with you…

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Mini Cinnamon Candy Apples

October 21, 2014
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Currently i’m cruising in the Caribbean. I break from ship festivities to bring you Mini Cinnamon Candy Apples ~ which are super festive anyways! T’is the season for all kinds of holiday cheer. Candy apples are no doubt a fun treat to serve in the chilly months ahead.

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Jekyll & Hyde Cocktails

October 17, 2014
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Happy Friday!! I cannot begin to tell you how giddy I am for Halloween ~ I LOVE tricks, treats & everything about this spooky holiday. Last year Halloween was seriously the coldest night of the year. While the kids were trick or treating the adults were frozen ~ this year we are have a cocktail party […]

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Spooky Halloween S’mores

October 8, 2014
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Hi there & happy Wednesday! Most of you know I’ve been working with King’s Hawaiian for some time now & I love to share my recipes using their delicious dinner rolls. Since we are in the spooky month of October, I felt the urge to mess around. These Spooky Halloween S’mores came to me in a vision the other […]

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BOOrific! DIY Halloween Recipes & Crafts

October 5, 2014
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Happy Sunday friends! I’ve been bouncing all around Pinterest & there are so many AMAZING ideas out there for Halloween I had to share some of my favorites….The freebie spooky printables above can be found here. Enjoy all this eye candy & it’s time to get busy creating!

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Pumpkin Spice Martini

October 3, 2014
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It’s Friday. It’s autumn. It’s gonna be the weekend soon. And pumpkin & happy hour are all i’m thinking about. Looking for a new gal cocktail? Something you can enjoy today & all season long? Perf. Pumpkin Spice Martinis are yours now & forever.

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$100.00 Fall Amazon.com Gift Card Giveaway!

October 2, 2014
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As we gear up for a beautiful fall weekend I wanted to give you something special. My fall reader appreciation gift card giveaway will designate one lucky reader to have a shopping spree on Amazon.com. Maybe you need some new cookbooks, kitchen gadgets, kids clothes, makeup, Halloween Tricks ‘n Treats….the skies the limit! Happy shopping, but […]

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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes

September 28, 2014
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Hi everyone! Hope your weekend was amazing ~ we had a great one here. The weather was 1/2 summer & 1/2 super chilly, rainy fall….which brought some snow our way! I was super inspired to create the perfect pancakes to celebrate this fall weather. These Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes are irresistible…

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Pumpkin French Toast

October 28, 2013
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French toast is one of my all time favorites. I love the idea of bread dipped in batter and then fried to a crispy golden brown. Add some fall flavors (cinnamon, pumpkin), bourbon maple syrup & life gets even sweeter.

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Gluten Free Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake

September 30, 2013
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Happy Monday! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I sure did. There was lots of hikes & outdoors time. Our crazy rain storms have subsided and now there are frosty mornings and bluebird skies during the day. We have had some snow & the aspen trees are all shades of gold, red & green. […]

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Happy Halloween from Telluride & Orange County

October 31, 2012
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Well the big day is finally here! Can you believe it?! As a lifestyle writers bloggers have been celebrating Halloween for about 60 days… This is a magical time of year. With crisp fall leaves that crunch under your toes, to all kinds of rustic home cooking (love all that pumpkin!) Kids have settled into […]

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*Freebie* DIY Halloween Printables

October 22, 2012
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It’s about time for some Halloween printables around here don’t you think?! I can’t believe my all time favorite holiday is right around the corner. I had a blast designing all of this fun collection for you. If you haven’t all ready seen my Halloween Flowers you can get all crafty with those too.

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Maple Pumpkin Spice Popcorn

October 17, 2012
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Guess what today is? A very special day to indulge in Maple Pumpkin Popcorn & to celebrate Lisa Thiele (With Style and Grace). Today is her virtual baby shower! A bunch of blogger pals have collaborated to throw her a virtual baby shower. Ready to feast your eyes? Hopefully you can whip up your own bowl […]

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